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My work explores the dynamic and the static as they occur together in time. An underground stream, with the stillness of the landscape and the movement of the water beneath is a good metaphor for my work.

I begin a painting by creating a grid of form in motion, such as a body in the midst of jumping. I especially like to use images of objects at the vertex of their movement, such as the apex of a trajectory or the instant before an object begins its descent. This is when action seems the most pure. I place these silhouettes in a deliberate, structured manner to reference incremental movement or calculus. The relationships the images have with one another represent the ‘motion’ of creative thought. These specific, kinematic entities form the conceptual scaffolding of my work. They represent intellectual thought brought into being.

Working directly on top of the pattern, I still the composition at the surface while allowing fluid movement to be present beneath. This stillness allows the paintings to hover between two narrow, luminous planes and interact with light, movement, and the underlying environment simultaneously.

The binary I work with, upper and lower planes, dynamic and static imagery, allow intellectual and intuitive process to be present in each painting concurrently and is the foundation of all my work. Motion is creative, stillness allows a contemplative moment before creation can occur again.




2019The Church, Troy, NY
2019LABspace, Hillsdale, NY
2018LABspace, Hillsdale, NY
2018Smith College, Northampton, MA • solo show
2017Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, MA • solo show
2016Readywipe, Holyoke, MA • solo show
2015Mill Art Project, Easthampton, MA
2014Paper City Gallery, Holyoke, MA
2011Group Show, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY
2009wünderarts, Amherst, MA
2008wünderarts, Amherst, MA • dual show
2007wünderarts, Amherst, MA • juried show
2006A.P.E. Gallery, Northampton, MA
2005Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY •  flat files
2005LunarBase Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  •  juried show
2004ArtShow Amherst, Amherst, MA  •  juried show
2004New City Art, Easthampton, MA
2003PACE GAllery, Easthampton, MA
2002Deitz Gallery, New York, NY • solo show
2001Hampden Gallery, University of MA, Amherst, MA
2000Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition Show, Brooklyn, NY
1999Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition Show, Brooklyn, NY
1997Gallerie Norán, Münster, Germany • solo show

Curatorial Experience

Director, Curator and Owner of Readywipe Gallery

Established in 2017,  Readywipe Gallery hosts exhibitions, installations, performances and events by established and emerging artists. Readywipe seeks to show work that can open a dialogue between people and to use this new dialogue as a catalyst for positive change.

Readywipe is located in the canal district of Holyoke, Massachusetts and is housed in a former thread factory.


BFA, Painting
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Intensive Study, Painting
Foundation de la Napoule, Mandelieau La Napoule, France
and Acadamie d’Art, Brugges, Belgium

BS, Mechanical Engineering
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

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